The non woven bag handle cutting machine manufacturer provides the machine with several specifications to choose from. The machine operates with regular power supply of 220V 50/60Hz with range of cutting width of 0-50 mm and a roll of cutting length of 0 – 1200 mm. The designed working speed of machine is 0 – 30 Pcs yet it depends on the loop size adjusted by the operator.

The non woven bag loop handle cutting machine offered is also tested under numerous quality parameter in order to deliver a flawless range of machine. The machine is equipped with stepping motor for controlling the length of the material fed to make loop handle. The stepping motor has direct breaking system with auto stop on end of the material. Automatically count sheet and preset sheet number for higher automation and easy operation of machine.

So if you have an idea of starting a business of future with one the most environmental friendly material, than non woven is the best choice to go with. Purchase this non woven bag handle cutting machine today and take a step towards contributing for an environmental friendly future. Call us from the number below. Hurry Up!

Product Characteristics

Non Woven Bag Handle Cutting Machine is having rugged design and high efficiency.
The Quality Components of the machine helps make it more energy efficient consuming lower electricity.
Equipped with stepping motor to control feed length with high precision.
Direct braking system for stepper motor and Stopping blade in higher position.


220V 50/60Hz

Cutting Width

0-50 mm

Cutting Length

0-1200 mm

Working Speed

0-30 Pcs. Depends on loop size

Dimension (in mm)